Tax Office Closed Until Further Notice

As of Monday 03/30/2020 we have entirely suspended all of our lobby operations with the public until further notice. With how the numbers have moved exponentially with positive (COVID-19) cases since the close of business on Friday(03/27/2020); it only reaffirms that the better part of sound logic and good judgement to suspend our lobby walk-in operations in the furtherance of the safety for the public and our staff.

We want to do what is right and most importantly do it in a timely fashion with promoting the public’s safety as we are at a critical juncture in the health and safety of our citizens and our entire community.

Our citizens have been very understanding and have expressed very little discontent throughout this matter. As they too know that we are dealing with a set of circumstances that any of us have never seen or dealt with before.

For some time now we have been very aggressively promoting all of our ALTERNATIVE means to access our services during these difficult times.

They Are As Follows:

* Renew your motor vehicle registrations at any (1 of 4) Wichita Co. are United and Market Street Locations. *(Please check for Availability) and Remember that these services are for motor vehicle registrations only!! NO motor vehicle title work and absolutely NO property taxes!! Please Remember: That the Governor’s Office has suspended just about 99.99999% of all the average garden variety of vehicle registrations and title work that affects the lives of approximately just North of 17M licensed Texas drivers here in the Lone Star State for the next (60) days if not longer.

* By Mail

* A Property Tax Payment & Motor Vehicle Registration Drop Box has been installed just inside our utmost Southern entrance on Scott Street.

* On-Line our relatively new web-site allows our citizens to make their property tax payments from any mobile or handheld device.

Tommy R. Smyth TAC,MPA,CTOP
Wichita Co. Motor Vehicle Registration – Titling Services and Property Tax Division