Tax Office Annual Training & Awards

We are very honored this year to have no less than (2) of our department heads and our Chief Deputy be recognized for over (70) years of combined service to the citizens of Wichita Co. Mrs. Sondra Recco our Motor Vehicle Supervisor, Mrs. Angie Ibarra our Bookkeeping – Accounting Supervisor and Mrs. Nicki Kingry our Chief Deputy, who emulate everyday what is best about Good County Service!! They are all top hands and if I were on the wall this afternoon with Travis and Crockett at the Alamo; I would want Sondra, Angie and Nicki there with me. I never get tired of bragging on our entire staff on either side of our operations!!

We will RE-OPEN promptly the following morning at 8 am. Please remember if you need any motor vehicle registration please visit any (1 of 4) United Supermarket or Market Street locations here in Wichita Co. and their fine folks will get you fixed up!! We were very fortunate to partner up with them in Dec. of 2013 and the public has enjoyed an enormous convenience of being able to renew their motor vehicle registrations there up until 9pm. every night and on weekends and holidays. Last year our extended United Super Market Family was responsible for $1,317,773.65 in motor vehicle registration transactions which was approximately 14% of the total aggregate sum of $9,155,993.15 collected for registration transactions conducted here in Wichita County last year. We could not be prouder of the public taking advantage of that convenience!!

Tommy Smyth, (TAC)

Wichita Co. Motor Vehicle Registration & Titling Services And Property Tax Division