Email Spoof Alert

As of this morning our office has had two incidents where citizens have been contacted via email through an address “that appears to be” an authentic email address from Wichita County. Our IT department has informed our office that these emails were “ spoofed”. Our IT department has advised that best thing for our office to do was to inform our customers to not open attachments from unknown/un-trusted sources.

Always look closely at the senders email address. If something doesn’t look right, it usually is not. The biggest threat in IT security is the human element.  Scammers are tricky and our citizens need to remain vigilant as PC users when clicking any links. With tax statements being mailed just recently we did not want any of our citizens to fall prey from an email that appears on the surface to be sent from a legitimate county email address. And furthermore, our office does not routinely or customarily contact our citizens via email for collection purposes. We are urging our citizens to contact our office if they receive an email  requesting the payment of taxes, as again we simply do not know the depth of this “spoofing” at this point. The taxes associated with the current 2018 Tax Statements that our office very recently put in the mail are due before February 1st.   I can assure our citizens that our office is not contacting any of our citizens at this point in the tax season in relation to the collection of any current year taxes.